Saturday, May 28, 2011

End of May Gardening

At last, at last a sunny day that is not already booked to the gills! I’ve been saying for far too long that my tomatoes must get transplanted. This is the latest they’ve gone out, too. None too soon – although they weren’t root bound, they would have been very shortly. But the beds they were going into needed more dirt/compost shoveled before tomatoes could go in, and Nigel has been swamped with end of term papers while The Patriarch has projects he’s been working on of his own.

Today, though, it was all hands on deck. Sophia kept the inside of the house under control; making meals, directing traffic, and taking care of Araminta and Lucinda who are sick again. The Patriarch, Nigel, Gareth, and I worked outside all day. Nigel moved wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of dirt while The Patriarch cut back the jungle of weeds that had appeared overnight, it seems. He also, between weeding, dug trenches for me to put the tomatoes in. Because I always wait too late to plant tomatoes like a normal person, I trench them, essentially setting the rootball horizontally and burying a good deal of the stem and leaves. Tomatoes actually don’t mind this, and will send out extra roots along the buried stem. Some of the plants were 4 feet tall! I was delighted to notice three or four flowers.

We also took out the second bed that we needed to move this year, and Clara transplanted the rosemary from Territorial. I think she’ll miss it living in the kitchen where she was just taking a snip now and then!

This means the only plants inside are some spinach starts I have starting in our Aerogarden, and it also means we get our living room back from the grow lights!

Now for the garden tour from this evening:

042 Bok choi looking good. Should’ve planted more (I always say this)


045 Snap and snow peas coming up, and these lettuces growing much better than those in the official lettuce bed



The herb bed is flavoring our meals routinely at this point. Thyme, two types, in the foreground. Chives in the cement blocks. Two freshly transplanted rosemary plants in the center. Oregano top left, sage top right, and some struggling parsley in front of the sage.


049 Look! Wee broccoli in the center of the plant!


051 Lots of strawberry blossoms. This is their third year, and I need to move them, so plan is to wait for harvest, then move the new starts somewhere else. Our whole walkway is lined with these, but it’s just too close to the slugs to work well.


054 Leek bed growing right along


055 No clue why this lettuce bed looks like it does the day it was planted. I’ve never even used this bed, so it wasn’t depleted of nutrients, and it gets both sun and rain. A mystery.


056 Crazy kale! It is several feet higher than I am. We use it every day in some way or another



Tomatoes transplanted, looking kind of droopy. There are five beds of tomatoes for a theoretical (because I always miscount) total of 75 tomato plants . . .


058 . . . all tucked in.

It was so wonderful working near the lilac you see in the left background. Mmmmm, LOVE that scent.

I also got a coat of primer on the new parts of the loft bed project this morning, so a couple of coats of paint and poly and I’ll be able to show that here, too.


caulistats said...

What a lovely garden! So inspiring. Do I see a strawberry in the strawberry blossoms picture, far left just north of center?

Krazy kale, indeed! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow; your garden is looking great! Can't wait to see the loft bed update soon.