Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Tiny Bit of Progress

Well, at least I did some weeding and got the rest of the broccoli planted . . . and then the wheelbarrow and I fell off a board and put an annoying end to my gardening day. Ugh. Sorry for the whine, but to lose several hours of the only dry day forecast ahead is so frustrating!!!

OK. Better now. Sorry.

Pulled back the plastic to water the broccoli planted out last week – they’re doing really well with more space to breathe:


For comparison, here are their buddies planted indoors on the same day, but still under the grow lights until today:


Thankful to at least have gotten them out, and again, more room under the grow lights for potting up tomatoes.

Tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday I’ll shift focus to painting and polyurethaning the loft unit and getting the tomatoes potted up. We’re on Spring Break from homeschool this week, so it’s great timing for a couple of big projects like that.

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