Friday, April 22, 2011

The Sunshine Means Garden Progress

Much of today was taken up by this and that, but at about 4 I was finally able to get outside, and had a productive time.

Transplanted out some nice starts: Chard, the “Glory of Enkhuizen” cabbages, “Blushed Icy Oak” lettuce, and parsley. Good thing, too, as some of these were rapidly approaching root-bound. Also direct seeded beets and scallions, plus did some bed topping up.

The hauling of dirt and compost for the bed topping had my back screaming at me after a few hours to go inside. I started gathering up all of my tools and stepped on the rake, and just like in a movie, whomp it smacked me in the forehead! I’m hoping for some green/purple/yellow Easter looking bruises by Sunday.

Does anyone sense a minor theme running through my blog and gather that I’m something of a klutz?!!?

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