Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Project Big Reveal!

I still need to find some baskets that fit in the lower shelves, but otherwise it’s done. These beds are now for Nigel and Gareth, but a loft bed is next up, then there will be some re-arranging, stay tuned. The plans for these came from the most excellent Ana White at "Knock Off Wood" and were inspired by this bed unit at Pottery Barn.



There is open storage under the mattresses where we intend to store our suitcases, filled with the boys’ out of season clothes.

I told Nigel and Gareth to choose a bright, fun color for the inside of the corner storage space, but they misunderstood and Nigel chose a blue and Gareth chose pumpkin . . . oh well! The cubby is painted both:


Along with storage baskets, we’ll get a couple of clamp-on lamps. Previous to this they’d had an IKEA “Robin” trundle, but that piece started falling apart almost immediately, so I’m so thrilled they have an upgrade. We have such a great Patriarch around here!


caulistats said...

Wow, that is SO nifty! Cubbies all around AND storage under the mattresses? Very cool. I love the colors too.

A big congratulations to the Patriarch on a job beautifully done!

Anonymous said...

This is so great; what a space saver! And, the Ana blog is amazing; thanks for the link.

Kimberly said...

I agree, her blog is both inspiring and empowering! The shopping lists were really helpful, the estimated cost really close, and the directions straightforward.