Friday, April 1, 2011

It Would Be Tedious

If I weren’t liking it so much. Paint layer one, dry, paint layer two, dry, paint layer three (I did mention how much I dislike Behr’s “Ultra” paint and primer in one, didn’t I?), dry, polyurethane layer one, dry, polyurethane layer two, dry, then a third layer of polyurethane on those surfaces most likely to be scratched. Check.

One zone gets bright orange and bright blue. Still on layers two and one, respectively.

But hard to dislike this. Well, except for the neck aches from painting/poly-ing upside down and sideways. Hope to have the whole thing finished super soon!

And in other news, still raining . . . the little lettuces and broccolis and chards need to get out and the peas STILL aren’t planted. If the weather doesn’t break soon, I’ll just have to get out there and get drenched. The tomato seedlings must be potted up, and I’ve simply run out of space under the growing lights, hence the desperate need for eviction of the cool crop seedlings.

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