Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Building the Loft Bed

I won’t be all coy about this project . . . The Patriarch and his friend were really productive yesterday and got the basic bones of the loft bed up:


These are wonderful plans, again from Ana White, found here, and again inspired by a Pottery Barn item, seen here. We’re planning a slight modification to put the larger bookshelf to the outside of the unit, thereby creating more space in Nigel’s study area and also giving Gareth a “nightstand” area on the top of the bookshelf.

This whole part of the project took a short day – they got started around 11 am and quit before 5 pm, and it is very, very sturdy. Look underneath the bed part (and there you’ll see the other modification, which is we flipped the center support vertically for more stability):


They’re going to work on the bookshelf sections Saturday – I can hardly wait to see this come together!

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