Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Break In the Rain . . .

Means some progress in the garden! Nigel helped by topping up the bed where the peas were at last planted. I know this is late, but last year we harvested into autumn without succumbing to enation, so we have a pretty pea-favorable microclimate in our backyard. The first bed of broccoli got transplanted out and covered under plastic:


Our first year’s harvest of broccoli was radically better than the second, and I suspect that was due to my keeping the starts covered during the day much longer the first year. This year will tell, hopefully with another bountiful crop.

I also transplanted out a bed of lettuce starts just to get some more real estate under the grow lights:


Beyond that small bed you see the kale, then the leek bed. Carrots will go in the other half of the kale bed. The leeks are loving the relentless rain we’ve been having. Growing instructions for leeks say something like, “keep well watered after transplanting”, so my timing was fortunate!

Now I’ll have space to pot up the tomatoes before they’re hopelessly rootbound, whew. Spring since gardening means perpetually racing to keep up, and the little starts need attention every day. But this isn’t complaining – it is so satisfying a work!

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