Sunday, April 10, 2011

April Birthday Girl

It has always been so hard to connect Clara with her actual age. She is such an internally directed young lady, and always has been, that she’s always seemed older than she is. While we were driving around the other day, for example, she was reading “Antigone” by Sophocles just for the fun of it. I did that, too, but at seventeen, not fourteen. She is reserved, loving, and very determined, and the latter is not one of those mommy-code-words for stubborn :-).

She recently turned fifteen. For her birthday she wanted to go poke around in Forever 21 at the local mall. It’s a good place to get sewing ideas and sometimes a piece of clothing. All of we-girls like much of what they do with their mannequins, the accessories and color combinations (although only in-store; the website is horrible). While she mostly just picked up ideas, she did find a little short sweater in a very muted pink. She’s not much of a pink girl, but this is so muted as to be a neutral. So many cute shirts and dresses this year don’t really meet our family’s modesty standard, but paired with a little spring sweater are entirely appropriate. So this is a fun window shopping year. Lots of tucks and feminine fabrics and touches. Clara in general has more streamlined and tailored tastes but adds small feminine details for her own style.

Tried to get pictures on Sophia’s cell phone while shopping, but that didn’t work too well!

She had asked to make her own cake, as she finds the baking of it fun, so again back to the incomparable Dorie Greenspan for her “Black and White Chocolate Cake”. The frosting didn’t turn out quite right this time around, although it has done well for Clara in the past:


That looks really yellow, at least on my monitor, but in real life was an elegant black and white.

Sophia made Clara’s requested Cauliflower and Mushroom Risotto and I made her requested pasta dish that, being a family invention, has no name other than “That Pasta Thing We Made Up”.



Greetings from grandparents

And one more just because:


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