Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lazy Garden Planting “Jig”

I’ve mentioned it before: the garden blog and website that is most helpful to me is “The Modern Victory Garden”, and she constructed a fabulous planting jig - you can read about it here. But I always seem to be scurrying along behind schedule, and have wee leeks from Territorial Nursery that need to go out, so I just whipped up a Lazy Girl Jig from an Amazon shipping box, and thought I’d post it really quick before I run outside and get it all dirty.

Since I have raised beds, I plant in square feet. My first step was to cut out a cardboard square foot. For leeks, we plant 9 per square foot, so I measured off a grid at inches 3, 6, and 9, and poked holes at the intersections as big as a pencil.

I’m about to take it out to the bed, lay it down square by square, poke an old pencil through each hole, make little registration marks to line up the next spot, and repeat, repeat, repeat until there are holes for all of the little guys. A pencil is about right for the leek starts I’ve gotten.

How easy was that?


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Anonymous said...

So simple, yet so great. I'll definitely make a set for the different seed-spacings I'm using.