Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hey, That Worked Well!

Just came in from planting the leeks. That really worked well! As you can see by my timestamps, the job went quickly – this used to take hours over 2 days, and we didn’t even plant as many last year. I did 279 plants. Seems like a lot, eh? But there are so many of us, and all summer long we do leek/potato/ crop-o-the-day soup.

Unanticipated bonus to the lazy jig: the marking for three inches was right there on it, and leeks like to be planted 3 inches deep, so I just held each leek up to the jig and put my finger where it should meet the ground, as it were. Took way longer to type that than to do it.

Leek bed, aren’t they cute?


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caulistats said...

Neato kabeeto (sp?)!!