Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First Wee Sprouts

Got a chance to start a few seeds this weekend. I’m behind where I wanted to be for the first week of March. But at least our most important crop (we are broccoli lovers here) got started, and some chard:

009 You can see the pink-ish chard poking up in the middle left of this picture – the ones that look like clover are broccoli.

I’ll start a bunch of other seeds this weekend, hopefully. Just need my guys to get the light “benches” out of the garage and, since we have used these bulbs for two summers, better replace those as well.  Here is my post about our very, very cheap and simple light bench: I can get a bunch of seedlings in there.

Still harvesting kale, despite our snow and it not even being covered! I HAVE to ask the woman who gave it to me what the variety was . . . the stuff is indestructible and delicious!

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Hoveland Family said...

I LOVE this picture! The hope and dreams of a summer in the garden. :)