Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Dream House Takes a Twist

Well, well, well.
When last we left our story, the Dream House had been removed from the market. I was thinking primarily, “Well, doesn’t matter because The Patriarch was right, we can’t afford to do all of the repairs to this place to ever buy that house anyway”. But you know how the human heart goes – there was a corner of me thinking, “Hmmm, could this be God’s way of keeping it off the market while we get this place ready?”
As of 5 days ago (after a break of several months), the house is re-listed. For . . . get this . . . TWICE the previous asking price. I went through the new photos; no remodeling whatsoever. Maybe the market? Nahhhh, every other Sunday paper has another article on how our local housing market is still sliding, and expected to for at least the rest of the year.
I drove by it recently. Looks like someone had done some vandalism to an outbuilding. Can’t tell from the pictures on the real estate website, though, since they’re all old pictures.
One thing they did accomplish by waiting long enough was having the listing not show that the place has been for sale for 4 years now.
This should be fascinating to observe. And at that asking price, “observe” is all we’ll do! We just did qualify at the old asking price.

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