Monday, March 21, 2011

Awww, They’re Getting So Big.

The broccoli is already ready to get into a bigger container – I’ve re-used my grocery store plastic cups for two years now and I think most of them can be re-used a third year. Yayyy cheap!

Here are the little guys:


The set I planted first is the set that needs potting up:


Isn’t the chard in the foreground fun with red and yellow stems?

Still haven’t gotten the peas in, but I’m not too upset by that. I follow the rule to plant peas when the lilacs most local to you have leaves the size of mouse ears, and the lilac in our backyard just did reach that point this last week. So the peas will hopefully go out this week, after The Patriarch picks up a bale of peat moss (we need to top up the beds with dirt/peat mix). Nice to have spring both on the calendar and in daily tasks!

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