Friday, February 25, 2011

Two Birthdays

Two of my sweet daughters had birthdays. They were born a couple of days and six years apart . . . Sophia turned 17 and Araminta turned 11.

037 Sophia is seventeen now


Cake, presents and such at home the night before.

On her birthday she had a large assignment due and a test, but afterward a friend came over and I took the two to a local Salvadoran restaurant, El Pulgarcito. Found it on Yelp, and yummmm. All three of us are gluten free and Sophia’s friend is also vegetarian, so it was a bit of a challenge to find a spot to eat that would also get us to the evening’s event on time.

cropped s restaur.071  Since Sophia is taking Spanish, she practiced by ordering for us in Spanish. This guy, our waiter, was super patient about it and had a kindly twinkle in his eye.

074 Sophia’s dinner


And mine . . . posting this is making me hungry! Forgot to get photos of the pupusas; Sophia had zucchini/cheese and I had spinach. Sophia’s friend had a stack of pupusas and a cabbage dish that I don’t remember the name of.

After dinner, we went to a play at Sophia’s college. The whole event had been threatened by snow, and as we left the play at 8, 8:30, we noticed it coming down really earnestly. Sophia’s friend lives waaayyyy out in the country, and the trip to take her home was fairly nerve-wracking! Driving back to our house was worse. They’d closed down the main highway, with semi trucks and a tanker-type truck having been in an accident. They were diverting traffic off onto an exit that went up a hill! Stalled cars and trucks littered this exit, but after about 10 minutes, it was our turn and we managed to get up that exit, took side streets, and finally reached home. Scary, that.

Next birthday girl:

034 Araminta turns eleven

Araminta had her birthday off of school, and everyone played her favorite games with her all day. There were, of course presents. And most remarkably, a cake. Clara has worked and worked to create something that resembles a cake for Araminta. Lucinda can’t have any, because it does contain an ingredient she still isn’t safe for. I’ll post the recipe in a separate post.

049 069 This is “Dry Soda” in the cucumber flavor. The little girls are safe for cucumber and lavender dry sodas, so they are a real treat for occasions.

070 Thank you, Sophia

And Clara:



Mmmmm, chocolate cake!

So our sweet February girls have had another birthday! Looking forward to beautiful new years.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

No More Speech Therapy

Tarquin was in both private speech therapy and a half-hour at the local public school for about a year and a half. He had 45 intelligible words at 36 months, and an even more severe receptive delay. As of last month, he’s caught up to age!

Last day of speech therapy; The Patriarch was always the one who took him:


Last day at public school speech:


This gives The Patriarch two mornings open that he didn’t have, and so wonderful to have Tarquin caught up so quickly. Gareth also did speech therapy and that took a while longer, but caught up by kindergarten age. We so appreciate the therapists that worked with both of them, and insurance, as well!

From the Busy Mind of a Four Year Old

I was in the kitchen and heard a whole bunch of what I recognized as dining room chair moving going on. Tarquin was playing by himself – I could hear his characters talking – and then I heard him rounding up all available siblings to come “ride my train!”


Some of his siblings look slightly less than thrilled to be pressed into spending time on his train, don’t they? I’m going to miss these moments as he ages . . .

Against the Grain-y

Note from the gluten-free front: we really struggle against grainy textures. Don’t know what that’s all about. Valentine GF cookies:


They actually tasted good, like an iced sugar cookie, but had the Dread Grainy Texture. Shows up in so many things we try, but perhaps it’s all just in the practice.

“Last Frost Date” For Our Garden . . . Not Today!