Sunday, January 16, 2011

What’s That? Ooooo, an IKEA Trip Calling!

Does this ever happen to you? You follow some new links off of the blogs you follow. Or a facebook friend posts a link to a blog you’ve never noticed. And suddenly from this place and that, you’ve got a shopping trip looming.

Our closest IKEA is not all that close. If we do an IKEA run, that’s all we do that day, and we don’t do one on a day we have to chauffer children to evening stuff. So we haven’t been in quite awhile. But two organizational posts from different blogs have me going, “Must. Have. That. Exact. Setup.”

Pantry organization, check it out (and ht to Val for original link), using a combo of glass quart jars (got ‘em) and IKEA “slom”. I’ve been wanting one of the guys around here to make me some wall shelves just the right size for quart jars, with a little piece of wood in the front to protect in an earthquake. But not until after we paint the kitchen. Still, even on the countertop, labeling my jars . . . perfect.

Next up is the fabulous seed organization idea from Chiot’s Run, using an IKEA storage box. Currently my seed storage is in a box and wow, do I ever waste a ton of time finding seeds every time I succession plant. Totally stealing this whole idea. Looks like they used IKEA’s “Emu”.

While there, I hope to find something to store a whole lot of VHS tapes. We have a ledge running along one wall downstairs where we’ve stored them, but VHS tapes are massively unattractive, don’t you think?


Anonymous said...

Oh, what a dangerous set of links to organizational methods. Off to buy some chalkboard paint...

caulistats said...

Lots of neat ideas there! Thanks for the inspiration.