Saturday, January 22, 2011

Promised “After” Pictures

Promised a long time ago, but the Patriarch recently removed the big metal bookshelves from the driveway – before we had greenish trim and a tan-y white front door (I remembered to take a “before” shot just after adding a strip of primer!). This shot also shows the number being teal.


Door after:


The trim color looks better to me on the garage as well. Couldn’t find a before shot, but promised sis an “after”:


The carpet downstairs was billiard-table green and matted (and chock full of ick that no amount of vacuuming ever got out):


And after:


Despite reading comments online about Home Depot contractors doing a slow/unreliable/awful job installing carpet, we had a super experience and two young men who installed promptly, professionally, and cleaned up thoroughly after themselves.

So those are the pics I’ve been promising!


caulistats said...

Both of us here (including the much more artistic one) really like the new front door / address numbers / garage trim! Looks great. And the neutral carpet downstairs looks really good too.

Glad to hear you had a good experience with the Home Depot installers. When I visited one of the local carpet stores here in town in October, the owner was telling me that he's had customers who bought carpeting at Home Depot, but the installers never showed up (he figures they put the carpet in their own homes), and HD can't do anything because the installers aren't their employees (or something like that). I hadn't heard that before, but I haven't done any research either. Anyway, I'm happy that you had such wonderful installers!

Anonymous said...

Really big improvements! The door/trim color really did make a big difference, and the carpet - it really transformed that room!

Caulistats is right about installers - you get what you get. It's a good idea to give HD feedback, so the good ones get their business.