Sunday, January 16, 2011

Progress Downstairs

Popcorn ceiling repainted a more cream-based white . . . check

Walls painted a more gray/brown white . . . check

Everything out and stacked all over the house . . . check

Patriarch and Nigel set to rip carpet after church today . . . check

Carpet installers coming Tuesday! Before-n-after pics then. Sadly, going from dirty chipped white walls to fresh not glaring white walls won’t show so well on a photo, but going from billiard-table green ripped matted carpet to a neutral carpet will.

At this point, it is super conflicting about how to paint and carpet and all. All of this remodel activity was spurred by the possibility of moving, and now that just doesn’t seem possible at all. BUT, the reason we weren’t able to jump and move back in summer was because we weren’t ready.

Won’t do anything too personal or quirky. Just in case.

1 comment:

caulistats said...

Ooohh, new paint color and new carpet? How fun! That's going to look really nice!

Looking forward to the pics.