Sunday, January 16, 2011

Let the 2011 Gardening Season Begin

I suppose it actually began in December, when I decided which crops to grow. But it was January when I went through the seed catalogs and chose varieties, and January 13th when all of the seed orders were placed. I am splitting a seed order with my sister who gardens south of me. This works well, since we grow pretty much the same crops, and since her climate is similar-but-add-ten-degrees, anything that grows on Shady Fifth will flourish in abundance for her.

Here are the catalogs I used this year (plus Wild Garden Seeds, but I don’t have their print catalog):


Every seed we use is organic, non-GMO, and try not to buy from Monsanto, Seminis, or subsidiaries. Because the three little ones with Hyper-IgE were all born after the introduction of GMOs into the food chain, and that was a major concern raised about GMO crops, that allergies would be triggered at an unprecedented level, I do believe that GMOs could be responsible. I refuse to support, even with my tiny dollars, this evil. To the extent that I am able – their tentacles are everywhere, and sometimes it is not possible to tell.

But anyway, ranting aside, here’s what we’re growing at Shady Fifth this year:

Chard: “Improved Rainbow Chard”

Bok Choy: “Shanghai Green Choy”

Beet: “Early Wonder Tall Top”

Scallion: “Parade”

Shallot: “Ambition”

Onion: “Siskiyou Walla Walla Sweet”, “Gladstone”

Leek: to be determined – order starts from Territorial

Carrots: “St. Valery”, “Chantenay”

Beans: “Blue Lake”

Snow/Snap Peas: “Sugar Snap”, “Oregon Sugar Pod II”

Garden Peas: “Green Arrow”, “Laxton’s Progress”

Spinach: “Everlasting”, “Whale”

Lettuce: “Hyper Red Oak”, “Blushed Icy Oak”, “Carmona”, “Blushed Butter Oak”, “Sucrine”, “Crisp Mint”, “Pom Pom”, “Siamese Dragon Stir Fry Mix”

Zucchini: “Midnight Lightening”

Broccoli: “Green Goliath”, “Thompson”

Eggplant: “Ping Tung Long”

Pepper, Bell: “Sunrise Orange”, “Purple Beauty”

Pepper, Hot: “Chinese 5 Color”, “Scotch Bonnet” (grow indoors)

Tomato: “Bonny Best”, “Fireworks”, “Peron”, “Gold Nugget”, “Super Italian Paste”, “Striped Roman”, “Sophie’s Choice”, “Gill’s All Purpose”, “Mortgage Lifter, Radiator Charlie’s”

Squash: “Sweet Reba Bush”, “Nutterbutter”

Cucumber: “Poona Kheera”, “Parisian Pickling”

Cabbage: “Couer De Boeuf des Vertus”, “Glory of Enkhuizen”

Cantaloupe: PMR Delicious 51

Potatoes: Still need to get this order together, from Irish Eyes

Rosemary: need to buy some starts from Territorial

Basil: “Dolly”, “Napoletano”

Oregano: If my perennials didn’t make it, I’ll buy some plants from Territorial

Parsley: “Giant of Italy”

Dill: “Long Island Mammouth”

Thyme: Already growing in the herb bed, an English variety and a Lemon Thyme plant. Both overwintering well.

Chives: Already growing in herb bed. Starts from a neighbor of unknown variety.

Shiso: A purple variety that is perennial and does well in the herb bed.

Kale: Going to try to get starts off of the kale outside. Love this variety given to me, so hardy and delicious.

Seeds haven’t started to show up yet, of course, but this gives me a few days to write up my seed starting schedule and get the grow lights set up again, etc.

I read somewhere that “winter is shorter for gardeners” and nodded my head. Already our heads need to be in springtime, and this is a wonderful aspect of gardening!

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