Monday, October 25, 2010

We’re Just Swimming in Birthdays!

Just in time for elections, we have another voter; Nigel has turned 18. Seems like every mama makes the same comment at these moments, “I just can’t believe it . . . seems like just yesterday he was a cute little toddler . . .”

You know you want to see some adorable Nigel pictures, right? Yeah, I thought so.

Just a wee little newborn here:

baby nigel


Nigel at about 2 months, his first Christmas:Nigel 2 months


9 months old – look at that hair!

9 month nigel

Don’t worry; I won’t take you through all 18 years here :-). Just one more . . . Nigel had a little sister when he was only 15 months old! Isn’t this a sweet picture of him holding baby Sophia?

nigel 15 months

And now he’s such a fine young man, and we’re so proud of him. Strong (can break stacks of boards with his hands or a kick) yet endlessly patient with Tarquin, who has always, since birth, been bonded to Nigel quite ferociously. Faithful and quiet, creative. Such a joy! Here he is with his raspberry chocolate cheesecake (my children pick such odd things for “birthday cakes”!):


And another for fun (Tarquin begged Nigel to be “Luigi and Ma-wio”):



caulistats said...

Such adorable pictures, right down to the "Luigi and Ma-wio" pic! :-)

A fine young man, indeed. Very belated happy birthday greetings to you, Nigel!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe our boys are 18 this year; we're so old!

caulistats said...

Anonymous, "old" will be when I am saying that. :-)