Saturday, October 23, 2010

Troubles with Tarquin

Tarquin’s receptive speech is delayed, as well as his expressive speech. He’s done very well in speech therapy, but he does still lag behind your average four-year-old in understanding many concepts. We don’t worry particularly about this, as we’ve been through the speech therapy process once before, and it all evened out at about age five.

Anyway, this means that Tarquin has some pockets of toddler sort of understanding. For instance, he has just recently noticed toy catalogs. So he’ll sit down, or lay on the floor on his tummy, and very seriously look at each. and. every. item. He’ll tell us, “Daddy, we need to play with this. Will you get in the car and go to the store and buy it?” The Patriarch has started to say, “put it on your Christmas list” (which he was just sayin’, I don’t know why). So now Tarquin seems to think that “put it on your Christmas list” means he’s getting each and every item at Christmas. Arrrrggghhh. Maybe if we hide the catalogs now?

He also wanted a pumpkin (we don’t really “do” Halloween here), which I was able to indulge him in. He spent a blissful evening with a Sharpie, “Makin’ my pumpkin”, and since then every day he gets a dinner knife and “makes” his pumpkin some more . . . the poor thing (the pumpkin, not Tarquin) has cuts and hole all over it; quite gruesome!



“Think I got it!”



And I won’t even go into the fact that every day we have Tarquin in our homeschool, he and I have an argument on the subject of the alphabet. Sigh. “No, I the teacher!! Tarqui the teacher!! This is a letter p! Not q. Letter p!!”

Yup, just when you think you’ve got the whole parenting thing sort-of kind-of partially down . . . God gives you a Tarquin :-).  


caulistats said...

Oh my, that does sound like a challenge. Has the homeschooling with Tarquin gotten any better since you posted this?

Nice new blog design, by the way.

Kimberly said...

Less easy. On school days he's sooo excited to "go to school", but the honeymoon is always about 45 seconds long! It is quite fortunate that all the rest of them, being able to read, are able to do a lot of work on their own, and those subjects that cannot be done on their own can be rescheduled for the afternoon when our bigger babysitters are home.