Friday, October 29, 2010

Shall We Talk Garden?

Ironic, isn’t it, that this started as mainly-a-garden blog. Guess you need to have actual crops to have a garden blog!

Our weather this summer was not. Summer, that is. We had a gray, cool summer with a couple of warm weeks here and there. Thank goodness this was not our first gardening year; we would have been devastated! We did have a couple of mixing bowls of tomatoes after all, and I’ll bet I’ve whined about the rest of the lack of crop for one year.

Tonight I went out to pull some carrots for the little girls’ stir-fry, and found carrots plump but maybe an inch long. Same variety as last year, when they were actually carrot-sized.

We’re finishing fall clean-up, so this evening I weeded empty beds and Nigel shoveled dirt into the beds that have been settling. Then I started transplanting my herbs, a job which I’d intended to do ALL summer. When I’d first plotted out all of my beds, I’d used seed catalogs to estimate how large perennials would get, then planned out a large herb bed based on those numbers. Well, some of the herbs are lovely and large, but the great big bed I planted them in turned out to be just too big. So tonight I transplanted a bunch of them into a smaller bed. The two varieties of thyme, which came here a year-and-a-half ago as little single stalks, are now bushes probably 18” in diameter. It smelled heavenly to transplant them! The sage has done just as well. I also got a couple of rows of chives transplanted before I lost light altogether.

So we do have a few stunted carrots still in the ground, and the kale is still going strong, but that’s it for now. Love that kale; so easy to run out and cut a couple of leaves for my morning smoothie!

002 This was a funny moment when Clara was making leek soup, went to harvest more leeks, and found an onion! Guess it snuck in the leek starts that we bought.

003We did end up getting a few zucchini – not as many as ten. Crazy when even the zucchini won’t grow.

019 We harvested somewhere in the neighborhood of three of these colanders.

I think where my garden inexperience came in this summer was the inability to counteract the influence of weather. In retrospect, I should have kept the tomatoes covered through the day much later, and should’ve covered the broccoli, as well. I have an online garden heroine, in my local area, whose experience in gardening shows that crops are possible in any weather – if you want to learn a bunch about gardening, check out The Modern Victory Garden blog. The how-to articles off to the side are valuable, and Laura is generous with her time and wisdom in the discussion forum, as well.

So for the 2010 gardening season: that’s a wrap.


caulistats said...

There may not have been much, but what you had looks really nice! (The produce you showed in the pictures, anyway.)

caulistats said...

P.S. Will we be getting a pic of the front door and newly painted house trim soon? :-)

Kimberly said...

Yeah, because pictures off all the harvest the slugs ate would just be too nauseating for public posting ;-).

And when The Patriarch gets the gigantic torn-apart bookshelf out of the driveway, I'll post a pic!!!! It's awful! Mortifying that if you put our address into google maps now, you can see the driveway mess from the - what, satellite? - pics! Streetview still has a super old pic, though.

Anonymous said...

So, I had to check out the google view you mentioned. What I find hilarious is that obnoxious back neighbor with the shack/boat collection - it even looks awful from space!

Kimberly said...

LOL, anonymous, yes it does! But wait, it gets worse - they are now building this gigantic "garage" that is two stories and bigger than many houses. Totally blocked half the lake view. I thought maybe they'd use it for boat parking and delete some of the white tarps, but nahhhh.

Such a helpless feeling, watching the lake disappear day by day.