Friday, October 29, 2010

Last Gorgeous Fall Day for the Year?

Might be, anyway . . . cold and rain in the forecast. It has occurred to me that we use a lot of pumpkin around here, and hmmm, brilliant idea . . . what if I bought some from the farm and froze it?!!? Snort. I am always so late to the party :-).

It was so fun; I had Clara running the numbers for me in the van on the way there, to see, “OK, if we bought enough pumpkins to make our pumpkin bread recipe once a week for the whole next year, how many pumpkins would that be?” When we arrived at the farm and saw the sign “pumpkins .30¢”, the question was, “We can’t spend more than $50.00 on this, so what is that in pounds?” Here’s the fun part! When we rolled the wheelbarrows full of pumpkins up the ramp to be weighed, Clara had calculated we needed 140 pounds, and we had . . . 145 pounds! We’d thrown in quite a bit of squash there as impulse buys, but when the lady rang up our order, get this, $50.12!!! Love that.

Choosing pictures is going to be excruciating here, as it was such a sunny day and the event was so fun, we ended up with a ton of great shots. Get yer scrollbar ready!

Nigel and Sophia were off from college-school today, so we were only missing The Patriarch (well, and always missing Malcolm away at school):


Scholz Pumpkin Farm 005This is fun – wouldn’t it have been great to have discovered this when we moved to Washington 13 years ago?


Scholz Pumpkin Farm 006Tarquin loves these riding horses, and we just don’t have space at home for one.


Scholz Pumpkin Farm 007 Looks like Lucinda put on a bit of weight there, and no, I’m not trying to say that Araminta is “dopey”!


Scholz Pumpkin Farm 016Look! A corn maze! Lucinda and Tarquin head in first . . .


Scholz Pumpkin Farm 018  Sophia, focused and determined . . .


Scholz Pumpkin Farm 019Araminta skips in, happily oblivious to the dangers lurking within .  . .


Scholz Pumpkin Farm 020So brave – hey wait, Gareth, isn’t that the wrong direction already?


Scholz Pumpkin Farm 022   Clara seems slightly more reluctant.


Scholz Pumpkin Farm 024It’ll be OK if Nigel goes in after them, right?


Scholz Pumpkin Farm 030Wait a minute, where are they?


Scholz Pumpkin Farm 032Dum de dum de (play ominous music here)


Scholz Pumpkin Farm 037Well whew. Got most of ‘em back, anyway!


Scholz Pumpkin Farm 039Old Mother Hubbard . . . at least had pumpkin and squash.


Scholz Pumpkin Farm 046 Happy farm, beautiful day.


Scholz Pumpkin Farm 050Mommy’s little pumpkin ;-)


Scholz Pumpkin Farm 057OK, now this is what I call a toy!


Scholz Pumpkin Farm 065Scholz Pumpkin Farm 073 Scholz Pumpkin Farm 070

Scholz Pumpkin Farm 076Scholz Pumpkin Farm 078         Scholz Pumpkin Farm 080Scholz Pumpkin Farm 085Scholz Pumpkin Farm 120They had lots of animals, always popular.

Scholz Pumpkin Farm 122    Clara supervises me in the squash bin.

 Scholz Pumpkin Farm 150

What a good day.


Malcolm said...

Wow those pictures are all sooo cute! I really need to stop reading the blog in class, so I won't have to stop myself from laughing..."No professor, I just find the expected value of a joint density function really funny that's all..."

caulistats said...

Absolutely wonderful pictures!

"Well whew. Got most of 'em back, anyway!" LOL!! Love that caption!

I've always thought going through a corn maze would be fun. Looks like it was a marvelous day all around.