Friday, October 15, 2010

A Dress I’d Love To See

Hi, Mama’s readers!

This is Clara, and I’m hijacking Mama’s blog so I can show my dress design for Shabby Apple Dresses. Shabby Apple is a website which has gorgeous dresses, and we frequently have to wipe drool off our keyboard after looking at it.

This is my design:

blue dress

This dress is inspired by a chocolate cupcake with blue icing atop (I excluded the sprinkles, though). I imagine the body of the dress made up in blue tropical weight wool, and the belt, the pieces on the arms and the pieces at the top of the pockets made of brown suede.




caulistats said...

Holy cow, Clara! You are very talented! I had to click on the link to be sure I understood correctly that you did indeed draw your own design for a new dress. Very impressive! :-)

caulistats said...

Well, Clara, sorry to see that you're not a finalist. I have to say, though, that Edgar and I both think that you're a better artist than some of those whose dress designs are in the finals! Some of those bodies are downright strange! :-)

We like your dress design better than some of those, too. Unfortunately for you, we don't pay 3% royalties. ;-)

--Aunt Stephanie

Kimberly said...

That's what we thought, too . . . "why yes, I'd love a dress that makes my rear end look like a minivan, thanks!"

Ah well :-).