Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another Birthday

Well, a couple of weeks ago, anyway!

Lucinda turned nine, which in our family is the year that the girls may get their ears pierced if they wish. She’d gone back and forth, but decided it couldn’t be more painful than the allergy shots she gets every week. We had a little surprise for her. Usually the ear-piercee gets to go to a mall store and buy a piece of clothing. This is a huge event, since we don’t really do retail. And in particular, my girls were all excited about the upcoming (in December) opening of an H&M. Well, H&M had opened early, and we just kept that fact a secret from Lucinda.



The little girls can’t have birthday cakes, of course, but they do enjoy requesting various flavors of cake for the rest of us to eat (and it gives them candles to blow out). Lucinda asked for a strawberry cake this year, and you can’t quite make it out, but that’s purple sparkly gel frosting making a fairy wand on the top.



At the mall, all ready to get ears pierced . . . last pic of those unpierced ears:



Not so sure about this . . .



OK, totally worth it!



Where on earth is mama taking me?



Tee hee hee; won’t she be surprised?



And found the cutest outfit!



Plus a hat to go with it for that “Lucinda” touch:


Grandma and Grandpa sent longed-for “Fashionista Barbies”, too. An altogether happy birthday!

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caulistats said...

Such a beautiful young lady with sparkly ears and an adorable outfit! Sounds like it was a very special birthday for Lucinda.

"...they do enjoy requesting various flavors of cake for the rest of us to eat..." -- what a sad but sweet line.