Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another Belt Testing Today

Gareth belt tested today, and I’m happy to report he did well and now wears a purple belt. It was Nigel’s first time sitting on a testing board, as well – he’s been to belt testings since becoming a black belt but not judged before today.

It is very fun, as Gareth improves, to see him develop his own style. Nigel has always had a very panther-like style, or perhaps cobra-like . . . smooth quiet movement, then snap a kick or punch out of nowhere. Gareth is emerging quite differently. His movements are abrupt (that sounds like a bad thing . . . but I’m not meaning it that way), with a distinct pop, pop, pop to his movements. Nigel and I were discussing this, and if Gareth can really develop the power behind those “pops”, then he will have a style to contend with.

Anyway . . . pictures. Not very quality ones, as I couldn’t get anywhere close, so just rather blurry far away pics with my zoom. And it’s not my camera – the light in this gym was really that green!



And geared up for sparring:


Nigel judging forms:


And sparring:


Gareth being belted:


And doing 70 pushups afterward!


New purple belt


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caulistats said...

Wow, Gareth, great job on the purple belt!

Why all those pushups afterward? Isn't getting a new belt a good thing? Seems more like they're being punished! ;-)