Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What a small bloggy world!

Sophia and Nigel are back in school full time again; both have two classes here with me and three at the local community college. It is nice at this age to farm out classes like pre-calculus and chemistry. I did them back in college, but since that was a million years ago, it is pleasant not to have to re-learn this stuff to teach it. Bad attitude, I know!

Sophia had a funny thing happen to her. She sat next to a young lady in Spanish class who kept looking at Sophia like, “Don’t I know you?”. She finally asked Sophia, “Do you have a blog?” Turns out that Sophia has this young lady’s blog in her sidebar and the young lady has Sophia’s blog in her sidebar! They’d read and enjoyed each other’s blogs for over a year, and didn’t even know what part of the United States each other was from. And ended up sitting next to each other in Spanish 121.

They blinked at one another for a moment, then Sophia said, “So how is your grandmother doing, is she better?” and there is an instant study partner!

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caulistats said...

Wow, that IS a small world! That must have seemed a little surreal to both girls. :-)