Saturday, September 18, 2010

Update on the Dream House

The Dream House is still listed all over the web as "sale pending". The listing changed to "sale pending" on August 13th. At first, the delay in closing made me a little hopeful . . . "hmmm, maybe it will fall through" hummed a little corner of my mind. But I dunno, it being delayed for this long makes me think that their inspection found needed repairs, and they're being done, which makes me think it won't fall through. All of that said, progress around here has ground to a halt. I did the free stuff first. And unfortunately, this is an expensive time of the year, so "extra" money (hahahahahah) is going to college textbooks for Nigel and Sophia, car repair (natch) and items that conspire around the house to break down.

Thought I'd post an update on that house! It did also occur to me that the sellers might have accepted a contingency offer, and that might be the delay.

I am appreciating the wisdom of The Patriarch in being firm against my initial raptures of house-love, that we couldn't free up the funds to QUICK do repairs/remodel here. That was true. I was short sighted. And also, I'm appreciating the (scolding?)(kick in the pants?)(call to reality?)(tough love?) ____________ (fill in blank from aforementioned choices) that my sister gave while visiting here. Her words, "This is a wake-up call. This is a great opportunity you guys missed because you weren't ready" might as well have been tattooed on my forearm, since they rattle around in my brain continually. Great, great motivator.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the idea that Opportunity will move on to knock on the next person's door if I'm not ready to open mine has been re-learned many times in my life!

Anonymous said...

Good evening

Looking forward to your next post

Anonymous said...

Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions