Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Student

Hoo boy, this will be interesting . . . we’ve added Tarquin somewhat unexpectedly to our schoolroom a couple of mornings a week. Today was the first day. For most of the years we’ve homeschooled, I’ve juggled nurslings and toddlers and students, but I must admit: I’ve gotten spoiled rotten the past two years. These past two years The Patriarch has hung out with Tarquin from 9 am to 1 pm, while the rest of us disappear into the schoolroom, emerging for lunch. What luxury! We’ve gotten so much accomplished, too. Today was sort of crazy. It will take us a little while to figure out this new routine.

I’ll post a few random pictures, but the floor isn’t freshly vacuumed, sorry!


Tarquin pays attention for about an hour total


Sophia is back in her chosen corner, working on a wool bodice for her reenacting.


Clara is figuring out a coding issue in “Computing and Computation I”


Nigel looks puzzled by this geometry problem. He is just finishing geometry – all out of order, since he’s finished precalculus and one term of calculus at the local community college. Ah well, it’s all getting done.


Gareth works on his math online.


The little girls work on history books.

OK, so that was just a random post . . . took a pic to document Tarquin’s joining us today and decided to make it into a post. Mostly I needed a wee break from typing recipes into the firefox recipe extension. Still working on that, but almost done with weeks 3 & 4, just in time to generate the shopping list we’ll need this Saturday! When this is all done, it will be totally worth it, but it’s a little tedious now.

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caulistats said...

Seven students? Wow! Turning into a regular one-room schoolhouse! :-)