Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Gareth

Life worked out a two day birthday celebration for Gareth’s twelfth birthday this year! Yesterday Clara had a gymnastics performance at the local fair, and we usually try to have a fun day at the fair in connection with that. Her performance was later in the day this year, so we experienced the fair after dark, which was different. Because The Patriarch works today, Gareth’s actual birthday, we had cake and presents yesterday so that everyone could join in. Today the birthday boy is still let off regular chores and everyone is playing his favorite games with him, and his favorite foods are on the menu.

093 A new way to see the fair . . .

026 053

Of course, if you’re Clara, you see it upside down!


The merry-go-round was scary enough for Tarquin


This is the one scary ride the big girls do each year


Here we go – now why exactly do we do this?!!?


Leave it to the little girls to find a pink & purple glittery ride


Gareth always loves the Big Big slide!


Home in time for cake and presents! Gareth currently wants to be a . . . no wait, if I tell you, I’ll have to kill you . . . let’s just say his cake was in the shape of a magnifying glass.

021He was very excited to receive a cassette player from Grandpa and Grandma, since doing dishes is much easier when “Hank the Cowdog” amuses you while you work. BUT . . . not only was this a cassette player, but ooo la la, a voice activated recorder as well! Perfect when you want to be a Occupation Which Shall Not Be Named.

026Look out Poirot . . . 

An altogether good time!

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caulistats said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!

Hard to believe that Gareth is 12 already.