Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some little tasks checked off (teaser, though)

Last weekend I got our exterior trim painted. Not a huge deal, as it is just the trim surrounding the garage doors and the house numbers, but you know how it is . . . painting out an old color always feels so delicious. We had a turquoise trim and went to a dark denim, and I’m in love with it!

Not so great was my priming coat and first coat on the front door. Loving the color, but visible brush strokes – ugh. Online advice seems to be to wait 10 days before sanding and re-painting, so the paint is not just dried but fully cured. Then I’ll use a different type of brush or a sponge and this time add Floetrol. The reason that this post is a teaser is that I won’t put up a pic until the door looks nice, too, then the trim reveal!

The Patriarch is working on another repair tonight – we’d had to punch a large hole in the master bedroom wall for access to some leaking pipes, so he had stuck a temporary piece of drywall in the hole. He is currently sanding that down so it can be taped and mudded. I’m really excited to get some paint up in there. How was it that we lived in this house for 13 years and tolerated off-white master bedroom walls?

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caulistats said...

Oh, goody! I was hoping there would be a new post tonight, so I just refreshed my dashboard and see that there are three! Yippee!

Wow, aren't you just zooming along? How exciting! I think I can maybe sorta picture the dark denim trim in my head, and I'm liking it too. Can't wait for the pics!

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