Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School year 2010 - 2011

Yesterday we began our eighteenth year of homeschooling! And just think, since Tarquin has just turned 4, only thirteen left to go!

Small crowd this year, for sure. We have three high school students, which will only happen again one more time with the way the children are spaced. Nigel and Sophia are both doing history and lit here at home and Spanish, chemistry (although they are in different terms of chem) and Nigel has a humanities class while Sophia has pre-calculus, at the local community college. So here full time we have 9th grade, 6th, 5th, and 3rd. And our preschooler and 11th and 12th graders part time.

We use the Well-Trained Mind division of history into 4 cycles, covered in a student’s education three times each, with a different emphasis and approach for the increasing sophistication of understanding. All of the children study the same cycle. This year, we’re back to cycle 1, which is “Ancients” and covers from the beginning to the last emperor of Rome. This is a fun one for the younger set, and very challenging at the high school level.

Other than that, we’re trying a couple of new math curriculi, which is SO STRANGE, as for 17 years we used the exact same workbook series to take the children from 1 + 1 = 2 to algebra. But  this year Lucinda is trying Teaching Textbooks 3 and Araminta and Gareth are trying out the online ALEKS. The scope and sequence of Developmental Math (which is what we’ve always used) gets them there in time, but doesn’t follow the public schools’ s & s, so there are years there where standardized testing is “off” for each of them. I think what we’re doing this year will balance them out, even if we end up going back to Developmental Math.

Science for the younger guys (who do science together) is Geology and Astronomy this year. I give them a variety of science topics to choose from each spring for the next school year, and this is what they came up with for this year.

The little girls are studying French, and Gareth and Clara are learning Spanish. Clara has already done high school Biology with lab, so I will assign that work to her 9th grade transcript. She is doing “Computing and Computation 1” since she has this space in her day – I asked Eldest to go over my planning/thinking for this course to make it meaty, so Clara is excited about what she’ll learn.

She is in geometry this year (Teaching Textbooks) and fitness and . . . that rounds out what we’re doing around here. Well, eventually. We’re still waiting on some stuff that’s been ordered and not received, so there are holes here and there in the day.

But it feels good to all of us to be back in school and learning together again :-).

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caulistats said...

Eighteen years of homeschooling--wow!! Sounds like an interesting school year for all. I've bookmarked this post for (way-) future reference. :-)