Thursday, August 5, 2010

Remodel: Day 5

Lots of driving here and there on Thursdays. I’d hoped to finish the ceiling today, and I did get a good chunk done, but perhaps tomorrow will bring this to a close.

A few of the children went around with my project notebook and a tape measure and measured rooms and doors and needed sinks and vanities and such, so that was a wee accomplishment of the day, as now items like flooring tiles can be calculated for price and we know sizes for Craigslist watching.

One of the things I drive to on Thursdays is Nigel and Gareth’s Taekwondo session – The Patriarch does the driving on Tuesdays. Just this last weekend Nigel achieved his black belt! Very exciting – that is years of dedication and hard work on his part and we’re all so proud of him.


Naturally he got a cake (carrot, with vanilla/ginger buttercream, yummm). We googled for the Korean symbol for “congratulations”.


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caulistats said...

Wow! Congratulations on the black belt, Nigel! Excellent work!

Nice cake, too. :-)