Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Remodel: Day 4

For me, more ceiling work. There is the rough removal, which I do with a spray bottle of water and a scraper, and then the finish removal, which is a damp cloth and soft smoothing. Today I went over the area I’d rough-removed yesterday. I’m halfway done with the room now, and already the ceiling reflects so much more light. That popcorn finish not only sucks the light from the room, but holds sooo much dust, since the best that can be done to clean it is the brush attachment of the vacuum, but that doesn’t work that well. This job just makes me happy, to see all of that smooth area emerge. I can hardly wait to paint it cream!


Nigel, Sophia, and Clara spent the afternoon cleaning out the screen porch. It was waist-high in gardening stuff. Before I had hoop covers on the garden bed, the screen porch made a great greenhouse when covered in plastic. So there was plastic still on some of the screening, and all kinds of garden junk gear lying about. Projects involving glitter had been done. And bees had died and not been removed. Oooo, “before” shots!


And “after”


I’ve got my eye on a bistro set on Craigslist; we’ll see what The Patriarch says . . .

In other remodeling news, while running an errand, I popped by Home Depot and got an 8 oz tester for the green chosen for the kitchen. Clara painted it in a couple of spots while I scraped ceiling.


This is where the green would meet the dining room terracotta color. Planned floor tile propped on the microwave.

Here it is on another wall that gets really different light:


The color looks quite different in those two pictures; I’d say it reads more closely in general to the microwave shot.

What worries me just a tad is that Clara commented after swatching it, “Isn’t this the same color you just painted over in the Quiet Room?” and she might be right. I detested that green. But it might have been a more yellow green than this – I’m aiming for what I think of as Bistro Green.

That’s it for today! Hope to get in a bit more ceiling scraping after the little guys all fall asleep.


caulistats said...

Wow, you guys are really going to town! So fun to see the before and after shots of the screen porch (great job, "big kids"!), and all the progress you're making on the ceiling and testing paint and everything. So motivating!

We actually had a pretty good day here too, thanks to DH. But "pretty good day" for me is much less productive than what your family is doing! Especially since I'm going through paper. :-P

Kimberly said...

Yeah, I've got a lot of that paperwork weeding as well. . . What I'm doing now is more instant gratification :)

Anonymous said...

Yay - such great progress, everyguys! Suggestion: I wouldn't put any of the potential funds toward a bistro set. Save that money for stuff that will really matter, like flooring!