Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Remodel: Day 3

OK, so part of the plan was to have two posterboards, one with all of the jobs listed, plus their cost, so that we’ll know what to do next if, say, $30 comes free, or an hour of time or such. Plus, won’t that be motivating to see more and more tasks being lined out?

The other posterboard is for inspiration. The idea to have this was, naturally, Sister’s, but was prompted by Gareth’s realization that if we moved to that other house, he could have a long longed-for bow and arrow. Sister suggested that we make an inspiration board with pictures/drawings of these things that we could do in the other house but not here. Then when energy or optimism lags, the inspiration is there.

So Day 3 the task board is done. People are still working on their inspiration pictures.


AND . . . I got quite a bit of the popcorn scraped off the ceiling in the master bedroom. There is popcorn throughout (hate, hate, hate that scourge on humanity, especially for dust allergic people) but I’ll only be removing it from the master bedroom. Much of the rest of it is painted and looks OK I guess.


Nigel and The Patriarch both were able to sneak in some garden work, as well. All of the beds are currently filled other than the last herb bed, so The Patriarch was out in the dark after all of the errands were done carting dirt to fill that last one.


Anonymous said...

Hooray; progress already!!

caulistats said...

Wow, this is all so exciting! Yes, "Sister" is so good at all those things. What a blessing to have her visiting you at that particular time!

You've inspired me... I might just have to make a task board of my own for OUR house! Not for selling, but for getting it all decluttered and rearranged the way I want it.

Well, whether or not that house is available when you're ready to sell, this'll be so great to have your house all spiffed up! Maybe you'll get the house you've found, or maybe there will be an even better one, or maybe you'll just stay put for a while and enjoy your current house so much more!

Go, Kimberly, go! :-)