Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Looks like CVA is making changes

I'd learned parts of this through leaks and gossip and pieces of real info from our advisory teacher, but there was an official email this week. Looks like some of my earlier posted information will change. We won't be ordering straight from vendors anymore, through our advisory teacher. Looks like CVA is switching to more of a "library" system where they'll check their warehouse, then if a desired item isn't already there, they'll order it for their library, then loan it out to you. That is actually not much of a change - they were supposed to be doing this all along, but didn't have a good cataloguing of what they had.

What does change for those of us with older children is that high school reading assigned in school is now returned to CVA. I'd always loved their philosophy of having older students highlight and make margin notes to their heart's content, and keep the texts. I have thus encouraged this active reading. Sad to see this go. We'll see how other changes play out - if items ordered will become more restricted.

School is right around the corner; guess we'll be finding out soon!

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