Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grade school students and Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone language software comes with a headphone/mic, and the student has to imitate the language pretty precisely to move on through each lesson. There is a setting that can be adjusted for the standard to be more or less “picky”, but even set loosely, the younger children struggle.

So here are the couple of tips that help my younger ones: first, listen to the language like a song. The native speakers’ pitch goes higher and lower, and the student needs to match both that and the syllable of emphasis. Thinking of it like music seems to help younger students understand this. The other thing that they need to match is how long it takes the native speaker to say the word/phrase/sentence. There is the option to keep clicking a button and saying the sentence along with the speaker until it’s nailed, then do it alone.

Language is work, and the younger ones don’t seem to anticipate this very well, but thankfully Rosetta Stone has them understanding some vocabulary immediately, in the first half hour, so it is easy to encourage them when they get frustrated – they learn so much so quickly!

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