Tuesday, August 31, 2010

CVA update

With all of worry about the changes coming to CVA (Columbia Virtual Academy), things seem fairly unchanged, just re-adjusting paperwork. Our advisory teacher set up a phone call consult with me today, and we went over what I had planned for each of the children’s subjects, what goals and materials, etc.

Contrary to what some folks in the homeschooling community seem to think, there is no “control” on the part of our teacher. I suppose if I needed some advice, I could ask. But the claims that CVA families “aren’t really homeschoolers” that’s being disseminated is just harmful, wrong, and unnecessarily divisive. We still file a letter of intent to homeschool. We sign a statement of understanding that we are legally homeschoolers. And as I’ve said before, I continue to choose freely my curriculum, plan our year and their lessons, and homeschool unchanged.

Anyway, I’d blogged about concerns that CVA was changing, and after speaking with our advisory teacher today, I don’t have any concerns for this year.

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