Saturday, July 3, 2010

Paging Al Gore: Waaaaahhhh!

Not to be whiny or anything, but I was counting on that global warming we were promised. I’m a little bit ticked. Last year we harvested our first tomato on July 3rd.


This year, we have wee sad pitiful tomato stalk things, somewhere around 10 flowers, and here are the only tiny tomatoes out of around 70 plants:


July 3rd, 2010

It has been such a cloudy, cold, rainy “summer”! Cool crops like the peas like this weather, as does our lettuce. The bok choi has even done OK, although in theory it shouldn’t do well with cool nights, and the nights have been downright cold (still into the high 40s this week!)

Happy peas:


Happy lettuce:


Happy bok choi:


Strawberries did well, too (second year plants):


Harvested 5 pounds today alone:


Herbs also are doing well, oddly, even the warm weather ones.





Oregano (which I actually pulled out, thinking it a weed, but it is hanging on to life quickly stuck back in the dirt again):


Chives are such a delight because they are so hardy, and can be chopped into so many foods:


Sad this year was the broccoli. I think this was actually my fault (as opposed to being able to blame it on Al . . . ) since last year I covered my broccoli overnight and this year I did not. What a difference! Last year, and this is the second planting; the planting that did super well had already provided 9 huge heads of broccoli by May and had been pulled by the time of this photo:broccoli

This year, we got tiny little heads the size of marbles, then the plants bolted. Here is a pic of the tiny plants to get an idea:


Picture of tomato beds this time last year (not sure the actual date, but uploaded this to Flickr on July 2nd):

Two tomato beds

Tomato bed today:


Zucchini this time last year:

zucchini sungreen

And today:


Big sigh . . . I am just really glad our first gardening year was last year. If we’d started gardening this year, it would’ve been so discouraging and I know I would’ve thought it was a “black thumb”. That first year success allows me to accept what will be a tiny harvest this year with some perspective.

One big fun addition this year is that we splurged on the metal hoop bender from Johnny’s Selected seeds. This allows us to make metal hoops to cover the beds in plastic or spun poly. We have high winds quite frequently in winter here, so PVC, our other option, would’ve been a continual fuss to keep upright. You can see the metal hoops and the plastic in the tomato pic above. Very, very cool. This will allow us to do much more in the way of season extending, as well. Last year I didn’t really plant anything for a fall crop, but this year I will . . . and it’s just about time to start in the next couple of weeks.

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Sophia said...

Well, until I read this post, I didn't think we even *had* tomatoes. . .

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