Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bowing to the Inevitable

Being late to adopt all change, naturally I would begin a blog after reading others’ for years, standing as I often do, waving at the train that has long pulled away from the station. You’ve met me, no doubt . . . the one who would never have a microwave, never need a cellphone, and particularly never blog. Ahem. I need to zap my coffee and answer the cell before I finish this . . .

Last year was our first garden. We built boxes, and since our dirt here is a tiny bit of topsoil on small rocks, then plastic, then bigger rocks, then more plastic, then humongous rocks, then landscape fabric, we bought dirt/compost/peat moss and filled in those boxes, 15 of them last year and adding a few this year. I really regretted not blogging that first garden year. So thus the timing of this blog’s beginning; I was out in spring-y sunshine pulling up weeds and sprinkling Starbucks grounds and topping up the beds in anticipation of the second garden year, and just snapped. And here we are; welcome to this shady, noisy, scattered corner of the blogosphere.

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